Inside the Broker Experience at Better Properties Kitsap

Better Properties Kitsap has the best team of brokers out there, but that’s not something that happened just by chance. 

We believe it’s important for a brokerage to offer supportive management and a foster a sense of autonomy and community for our brokers — without penalizing their financial successes. Better Properties Kitsap has used these principles to guide us as we’ve built our team; we’re proud of the results, and want you to know more about what life is like for our brokers. If you’re a broker looking for a brokerage to call home, here’s what you can expect from Better Properties Kitsap:

Independence When You Want It

Working for Better Properties Kitsap means autonomy over your days. Most of our brokers choose to work with a high level of flexibility rather than stick to a rigid schedule, but that flexibility also allows you the room to create whatever type of structure you may need — it’s all about whatever works for you! We encourage our brokers to develop themselves and their businesses the way they see fit. Better Properties Kitsap broker Debra Keene Bergeron describes the approach as “having a chance to create your own brand under a brand,” which will propel your career forward faster than anything else. 

A Community To Thrive In

Our brokers’ sense of independence stems from supportive management that has created a community for our brokers to thrive in. Better Properties Kitsap broker Chris Andrews says, “Unlike other hyper-competitive offices that you encounter as a broker, Better Properties Kitsap brokers are more like a team that supports one another.” That freedom from intense internal competition creates the opportunity to nurture community, while surrounded by management and fellow brokers who care.

Financial Benefits That You Can Keep

Better Properties Kitsap broker Tana Ridens sums it up best with one simple statement: “You can’t get a better split!”

We believe that brokers should keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. Other brokerages take anywhere from 30-50% of what their brokers earn. You get plenty of benefits at Better Properties…

  • 90/10 commission split
  • No franchise fee
  • $6,000 yearly cap
  • $50/month fee for administration, errors, and omissions 
  • Private and semi-private offices
  • Professional conference rooms
  • No realtor dues

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Better Properties is the perfect match for the mature broker ready to move from an impersonal, big-name company to one that puts your best interests first. By establishing strong company values and putting our people first, we’ve created an environment that works as hard for our brokers as they do for their clients. 

Every broker deserves a community that cares, supportive management, and a brokerage that isn’t out to drain your profits. These aren’t just words for us — they’re the values are at the root of our business. We offer seasoned professionals a fresh take on the industry they know and love.

If our culture sounds like a good fit for you, and you’d like to learn more about being a broker for Better Properties Kitsap, reach out! You can read more information on our website, contact Designated Broker Beverly French at 360-479-6700, or email

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